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After making futuristic cars into reality, making space launch vehicles reusable. Now merging humans and machines together, Elon Musk’s startup Neuralink aims to do the same for the mind-machine interface.

What is Neuralink?

A neurotech company founded by Elon Musk

Aims to enable “symbiosis” between Humans & AI.  

Elon Musk wants to control machines with just the power of thought.

neuralink technology

“Ultimately, we can create a complete brain-machine interface in which we can achieve all kinds of symbiosis with artificial intelligence,” Musk said. One of the goals of this process is to allow people to write 40 words per minute just by thinking. 

The company has also built a robot that can perform the refined surgery, under the supervision of a neurosurgeon. isn’t it looks too great?

let’s understand how neuralink works?

Neuralink Demo
Neuralink working prototype.

Neuralink’s initial goal is to help people deal with brain and spinal injuries or birth defects, Musk said. The technology could help those with paraplegia who have lost the ability to move or feel due to a spinal injury; this could be a less far-fetched medical treatment than sci-fi ideas like “consensual telepathy.” literally, a device with an aim of helping people. 

The chips connect wirelessly to a wearable device that hooks over the user’s ear, much like a hearing aid, and contains a Bluetooth radio and a battery.

What can be treated using Neuralink technology?

Neuralink is like an oasis in a desert for brain disable people. 

Implants to help the brain compensate for neurological diseases or defects that problem with vision, hearing, movement, etc. 

But the long-term goal is to create a “digital layer of superintelligence” to connect humans with artificial intelligence, a technology that Musk, by the way, considers an existential threat to humanity. 

Is Neuralink a threat to humanity?

Many scientists have welcomed Musk’s responsibility in this medical field, because of the huge potential of BMIs to help paralyzed individuals and those with neurological disorders. Others have cautioned that his claims for the future utility of these devices are far from proven, and his timescales for progress overly optimistic.

Neuralink demonstration
Neuralink Device

Brain-computer interface technology (known by its acronym in English BMI) is a field under active investigation in rival companies and other laboratories. Some are concerned that Neuralink’s method is too risky. 


Neuralink technology seems very exciting and Musk believes this technology will help our species to survive in the future.  

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