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So, you’re running a computer with Windows 10 and having issues with chrome? To be specific most of the sites open very slow as if the internet connection is slow. This happens only in chrome browser in windows 10 latest update. This problem is due to Windows Cryptographic Service(CryptoSVC). It occurs mostly when users try to open an HTTPS (SSL) secure site. Chrome takes a hell lot of time load this SSL pages. It keeps on showing Establishing a secure connection. Even if your internet connection is speed and the firewall, antivirus turned off. This is a bug reported to Chrome Team.  I have a hacky patch or temporary solution to this problem.

How to Fix Chrome keeps saying Establishing Secure Connection Problem

    • Clear all your browser caches by going to History (CTRL +H) and clicking on “Clear browsing data”.

How to Fix Chrome keeps saying Establishing Secure Connection Problem

    • It opens a pop-up window, click on “Clear” button.

How to Fix Chrome keeps saying Establishing Secure Connection Problem

  • Now Close Chrome browser and open Microsoft Edge Browser.
  • Now open chrome browser and try surfing.

This solves the problem very slow processing/loading Establishing Secure connection.

Note: The 3rd point mentioned above is very important. You must keep running edge sideways or in the background for chrome browser to access https sites faster.

This is a temporary fix. Although it looks lame, but it works. I’ve tried innumerable ways to fix this problem but nothing except keeping the edge browser running and then surfing chrome worked like a charm. We have to wait for the permanent solution from Google Chrome Team. If you have any workarounds to solve this problem, please let us know in the comments section below.

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