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As we know Andriod 11 is build upon earlier versions of Andriod. Andriod 11 brings features and updates to keep user secure and increase transparency and control.

We are currently in love with Andriod 10, and there is yet another speculation about Android’s latest operating system Android 11. Google’s latest operating system, Android 11 will come up with new improved features that will definitely cut down the chase on becoming the most preferred Android’s Operating System till now.

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Now,  we know that some of the changes Google has in store for us. We can expect the official reveal of Android 11 in the mid-2020, at Google IO 2020. In mid-February, a developer preview gave us our first glimpse at Google’s upcoming operating system update Andriod 11.

What we can expect from Android 11? 

Andriod 11
source: Google Images

below are the improvements we’d like to see in Android 11, that we still don’t have in the latest build of Google’s operating system.

1. Improved Dark Mode Theme:

Let me clear one thing, ‘Dark mode‘ isn’t for everyone, but for those who use it & love it – or they want to, but in Android 10 it has a lot of problems.

Google’s Android 10 dark mode was an initial starter of dark mode, that has made news in 2019. But there’s much more stuff to add in dark mode for Android 11. Initially, android users were not very comfortable with the previous Dark Mode theme as there were a lot of problems to switch on and off repeatedly.

google dark mode
Source: Google Images

Firstly, not that many apps have their own dark modes, not even all Google apps have dark themes, so using your smartphone with dark mode on can often see you jumping straight from dark apps to light ones, and back again. This often creates a struggle for the user’s to change to ‘lighter to darker’ mode.

for the dark mode to be useful on Android smartphones, users are expecting google to make significant changes, so that instead of having just an optional toggle here and there. should have a dark mode to all apps.

2. A new alternative of NFC file-sharing:

We have seen Google’s Andriod now has removed Andriod-beam, which let phones share files via NFC (Near-field communication).

It would be very useful to have an alternative to it, which lets you share media even easier. it could be quite hassling to have a specific app.

users are expecting something useful like Apple AirDrop that has no equivalent to Android right now at the moment.

3. Extended Screenshot feature:

This feature allows you to take a screenshot longer than one screen. for example, this allows users to take a screenshot of the long messaging threat of multiple screens.
with these features, users don’t need to rely on third-party applications.

Extendable screenshot feature is started rolling out in many other devices but Andriod 11 could make it native.

There are a lot more features that android users can expect with the Android 11 update. These features are essential for better user experience which is the ultimate goal for android users while they upgrade their existing android operating system.

Till then, keep your curiosity on…. 

and don’t forget to share your views on what feature you are waiting for. share your views in the commet section below.


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